This course covers the theoretical and practical aspects of Needle Peening with the Spiker®. The participants will learn the basis of shot peening and the specifics related to Needle peening. In the practical session, the participants will use a Spiker® tool to gain hands-on experience with the process while generating a saturation curve. A written exam is given to the participants and a passing grade of 70% will provide a Certificate of Achievement.


Introduction to Peening
– Why do we peen?
– Applications in Aerospace
– How Peening Works
– Importance of Quality Peening
– Considerations before Peening

Peening Intensity
– Intensity = Impact Force
– Thickness of the layer of Compression
– Finding the Intensity
– Generating a Saturation Curve
– Practical Saturation Curve

Peening Coverage
– What is Coverage?
– How is Coverage measured?
– 100% Coverage
– 200% Coverage

Using the Spiker® Tool
– Features
– Linear Head
– Single Needle Head
– Spiker® Connectors
– Spiker® Menus
– Spiker® Log

Spiker® Peening Specific
– Needle Peening Applications
– Limitations
– Movement of the Head
– Cap wear verification
– Removing the Cap
– Changing the Needles
– Needle wear verification

Spiker® Practical
Each participant will setup the unit and generate a saturation curve. The instructor will verify the technique and the intensity obtained with the Spiker® using the integrated saturation curve solver.

– The student who completes the exam with a grade of 70% and higher will obtain a certificate of achievement.

Time Required
6-8 hrs