Surface inspection kit

The Surface Inspection Kit provides the most qualitative solution for damage assessment and/or peening coverage determination.

It includes a surface Replica putty to evaluate your surface profile and texture, a 10X magnifier loupe, a borescope style camera for hard to reach areas and an optical micrometer to easily measure the depth of surface damage.

The Digital Optical Micrometer will allow you to inspect the depth of an impact or a crack with its high quality optic focal while the Surface Replica Putty can access and replicate perfectly the surface of the inspected area.

Regardless of the accessibility, using both the Digital Optical Micrometer and the Surface Replica Putty will allow you to detect and quantify any defect and/or evaluate the coverage after peening on a part.

The wireless boroscope, capable to connect with any smartphone/laptop with a 10x magnifier is included in the  inspection kit.

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