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Quotes from a few clients

  • We love the FlapSpeed PRO model. We upgraded from your older unit so this was a huge upgrade. The new lightweight setup is great for traveling and taking from one jobsite to another. Thank You.

    Lorenzo A. Gomez, Calibration Unit, Mayday Manufacturing
  • The Flap Peen equipment that Shockform produces is top notch, we have been using these
    since 2009 the units have proved to be all they are advertised as. They have been a HUGE
    IMPROVEMENT in our metal finishing program at L3 Harris supporting the U.S.A.F. and our Allied
    armed forces. They also offer complete training on all of their products and great people to do business with.

    Willie Dykes – L-3 Harris  
  • I strongly recommend Shockform Aeronautique for flapper peening equipment. I personally consider them to be the most experienced and knowledgeable team on the Flapper Peening Process. I currently have (2) of the FlapSpeed® units in-house that I use daily on all projects and all types of material with great success. The FlapSpeed® units are very durable and easy to use.

    I have developed a great working relationship with the Shockform team. The support that they afford me is far above my expectations. They can also provide certified training for any personnel that would require it.

    Harold Camden, GKN Aerospace

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