Shockform Saturation Curve Solver – Android/Windows

Shockform Saturation Curve Solver (SSCS)

Android Version 1.02 Single Curve

New Windows Version 3.9 with Multiple Curves

The free Shockform Saturation Curve Solver (SSCS) is a user friendly application that will quickly and easily plot your saturation curve data and find the peening intensity using the 10% rule.  No more confusing Excel spreadsheet to fiddle with!  The SSCS can be used for conventional peening and for rotary flapper peening.

It allows for magnetic block correction when rotary flapper peening and it is possible to include the acceptable upper and lower intensity range in the graph that can easily be printed for your records.

SSCS V3.9 for Windows has several new features. Now you can:

  • Generate up to 24 separate curves for different locations or machine setting
  • ​​​​​​Select which curve to display or hide
  • Print all the curves at once or each curve individually
  • Export the curves to create your custom reports
  • Select X axis units for time, speed or passes
  • Perform intensity verification and find the target arc heights at selected times
  • Apply pre-bow correction and magnetic block correction when rotary flapper peening
  • Conform to the latest version of SAE J443 and SAE J2597 entitled Computer Generated Shot Peening Saturation Curves.

​​​​New Android and Apple IOS versions coming soon!

Shockform guarantees that this software contains no viruses or potentially harmful components and will not collect any data from the user.

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