SMARTPEEN® for Controlled Manual Peening

Peening Tools

The SmartPeen® kit gets your manual process under control…

The SmartPeen® kit makes manual peening much faster and easier. Simply select the recipe from a list and the system will bring the pressure and media flow rate to the desired intensity. No more fiddling with the parameters before starting your work. Save precious time every day.

Up to 30 recipes can be pre-saved in the system by the administrator. Only the approved recipes can be selected by the operator. The system also saves the main parameters to a USB key for easy printing of a performance report.


-Controlled manual peening that gives repeatable consistent results : save money and setup time
-Close loop media flow control
-Close loop air pressure control
-Incorporates a touch screen user interface
-Robust portable unit with large wheels
-Available for any size of vessel
-Available with media reclaim capability
-Enhance safety : E-Stop button & beacon light status indicator

Benefits of using the SmartPeen® Kit