Ceramic Shots


Ideal Parameters For Using Ceramic Beads
•Precision components made of non-ferrous metals or stainless steel that requires optimum cleaning, peening and surface finishing.
•Companies that have a genuine interest in reducing air consumption and improving overall environmental conditions in their factory.

Ceramic Beads can…
•Reduce waste disposal.
•Potentially reduce compressed air.
•Prolong cartridge life in dust collectors and equipment life.
•Enhances working conditions for improved operator productivity.
•Reduce/eliminate decontamination and post finishing steps such as Vibratory Finishing

Aerospace Peening Specifications
SAE J1830 Ceramic Media
AMS 2430K Shot Peening
2431/7 Ceramic Media
Military MIL-S-13165C Shot Peening
CFMI (SNECMA) 70-00-99 Wet Ceramic Beads
CP 2462 C/B For Peening
70-52-04 Test For Ceramic Beads
70-52-13 Surface Stressing For Wet C/B Peening
Airbus AIPS 02-02-001 Shot Peen Forming Metal Parts
AIPS 02-02-004 Shot Peen/ Fatigue Enhancement
Pratt & Whitney SPOP 500 Component Overhaul
PMC 3220-1 Mfg. (Z-425)
PMC 3259-1 Mfg. (Z-850)
PWA 36906 Shot Peening
General Electric 70-47-01 Component Overhaul
P11 TF3 Manufacturing
Rolls Royce RPS 428 Shot Peening
CSS 284 Ceramic Media
GRUMMAN GSS 5310 General peening specification
Boeing DPS 4.999 Shot peening of metal parts
PS 14023 Shot peening of metal parts
BAC 5730 Shot peening of aluminium