Automated Shot Peening Equipment

Conventional Shot Peening

When it comes to shot peening equipment, quality, reliability and flexibility are key factors for success.

We know because our team has been building shot peening machines for 25 years. We can custom design equipment tailored to your requirements that will maximize your productivity. Our equipment meet AMS-2430, AMS-2432 and all other OEM peening specifications.

We offer flexibility with different robots (gantry, FANUK or ABB), turn tables (door or floor mounted), multiple media (shot) applications, with pressure pot and full reclaiming systems. We will even modify existing equipment to bring it up to current standard. No one else offers so much for the money.

Figure 1
This equipment features a 180° swing table door with two satellite tables on each side of the door. This allows two sets of part to be shot peened while two sets of parts are unloaded and another are loaded at the front of the machine. The swing table door is sealed by an inflatable seal for fast and complete protection from media leakage.

Figure 2
This manual shot peening equipment has an automated smart table controlled by touchscreen controls. The blast cabinet features a large vertical work door and a large load/unload hopper. This equipment is perfect for large parts, which need to be manually shot peened.


Figure 3
The multi-axis blast equipment features eight axis along with a smart work car with the ability to rotate the landing gear part. This equipment is capable of blasting both OD and ID areas of the part and uses a continuous twin chamber blast tank.