Almen Intensity


We stock the very best Almen Strips and Gages in the Industry. We offer you less variability and therefore less wasted time. Please call us for more information, for a quote or for some free expert advice.

Product: Almen Strips Model No.
Almen “A” Strip, Flatness .0003,Hardness 45-48 A1-SS
Almen “A” Strip, Flatness .0005,Hardness 45-48 A1-S
Almen “A” Strip, Flatness .0005,Hardness 45-48 Bulk A1-S
Almen “A” Strip, Flatness .001,Hardness 44-50 A-1
Almen “A” Strip, Flatness .001,Hardness 44-50 Bulk A-1
Almen “A” Strip, Flatness .0015,Hardness 44-50 A-2
Almen “A” Strip, Flatness .0015,HS 44-50 Bulk A-3
Almen “C” Strip, Flatness .0005,Hardness 45-48 C1-S
Almen “C” Strip, Flatness .0015,Hardness 44-50 C-1
Almen “C” Strip, Flatness .0015,Hardness 44-50 C-2
Almen “C” Strip, Flatness .0015,HS 44-50 Bulk C-3
Almen “N” Strip. Flatness .0003,Hardness 45-48 N1-SS
Almen “N” Strip. Flatness .0005, Hardness 45-48 N1-S
Almen “N” Strip. Flatness .001, Hardness 45-50 N-1
Almen “N” Strip. Flatness .0015, Hardness 45-50 N-2
Almen “N” Strip. Flatness .0015, HS 45-51 Bulk N-3
Aluminum Strip 7075-T6 Thickness=.151″ W”
Aluminum Strip 2024-T3 Thickness=.125″ X”
Aluminum Strip 7075-T6 Thickness=..1565 Y”
Aluminum Strip 7076-T6 Thickness=.140″ Z”
Aero Almen Aluminum Strip,.032″,2024-T3, AA
Product: Almen Holders Model No.
Strip Holder, Plain Holes, w/ Screws & Nuts HP 1-49
Strip Holder, M, (Tapped) Holes w/ Screws HTM 1-49
Strip Holder With Flange Mounting Ears HWF
Almen Strip Holder, 3-Strip, w/ Screws HTM-3
5mm Extra Screws For HTM (100 Per/Box) MM Screw
Product: Gages Model No.
Almen Gage, D, .024″R,.0001″RES,IN/MET,w/SPC OUTP TSP-3B
Almen Gage, Inch Dial,.024″RENGE .0005″ Resolution (AMS-13165) TSP-JR Inch
Almen Gage, Metric Dial,.024″RENGE .0005″ Resolution (AMS-13165) TSP-JR MM
Almen Gage, D, .024″ R, .001″ RES. For Aero A-Strips TSP-3 AA
Aero-Almen Kit w/ Gage,100 Strips,3 S-Holder,INST AA Kit