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Shockform offers FAA certified shot peening training in both French and English either at your facility or in our classroom.


This FAA approved course covers the theoretical and practical aspects of Flapper Peening. The participants will learn the basis of shot peening and the specifics related to flapper peening. In the practical session, the participants will manipulate the latest tools for the process and generate a saturation curve. A written exam is given to the participants and a passing grade will provide an FAA training certificate.


Peening Basics
– Peening History
– How Peening Works
– When to Peen
– Aspects of a Controlled Process
– Examples of Peening Applications

Flapper Peening Specifics
– Description of the process
– Importance of RPM with Flap Peening
– Process Consistency
– Process Control
– Arc height differences
– Stand-off distance
– Flap Peening Technique
– Equipment

Flapper Peening Practical
– Demonstration
– Equipment Checkout
– Almen Strip Handling
– Part Setup
– Peening of the part
– Post Peening Examination
– Coverage Saturation Curves

Time Required

6-8 hrs