SPIKER meets AMS2545 Controlled Pneumatic Needle Peening, Straightening and Forming

Posted on 10/01/2018 · Posted in General

2018-01-1-web-close-up-two2018-01-11-straight-head-spikerShockform’s new intelligent tool, the SPIKER  for Aero engine and delicate peening repairs comply with the newly released AMS2545 Controlled Pneumatic Needle Peening, Straightening and Forming. Shockform already sold the SPIKER to innovative Companies that could already see the advantage of using Controlled Needle Peening on some  partially assembled parts for aero-engine components and pockets.  Shockform already offers 2 different heads, one with 4 in-rows needles for inner/outer radius and one single needle head for pocket not reachable by conventional peening methods.

Spiker 3D small2018-01-11-two-types-handpi