Innovation…it’s part of who we are

Shockform has a strong culture of innovation that generates exciting solutions to customer’s challenges. Notable examples include:
• The FlapSpeed® controller for rotary flapper peening,
• The Spedron® intelligent tools and abrasives system,
• The Spiker® needle peening tool for aero engine components
• The SmartPeen® controlled manual peening machine with vacuum reclaim system

The Shockform team is completing work on a new device called “The E-Strip®” for electronic intensity measurement that will revolutionize the peening industry.


The objective of the project is to replace Almen strips by a reusable, reliable, and user friendly  electronic version.

The use of Almen strips requires that you measure pre-bow of the strip, install the strip on the holder, peen the strip for a period of time, remove the strip from the holder and measure the arc height of the strip with a dedicated gage.  All these steps are required simply for an intensity verification.  It you need to generate a saturation curve, these steps have to be repeated for a minimum of 4 Almen strips peened to different periods of time.  All this data is then entered in a dedicated software to generate a saturation curve using curve fit algorithms in order to determine the Almen intensity using the 10% rule .

With the E-Strip®, all these steps are eliminated.  The peening stream runs over the E-Strip® sensor, the impact force of each particle is recorded, a proprietary algorithm is used to calculate the energy of the stream and the data is sent to a nearby computer wirelessly.  The computer relates the data back to the Almen intensity and the value is displayed almost instantaneously.  Wow…what an amazing time saving!

Advantages of Using the E-Strip®

The E-Strip® offers several advantages over the old method of measuring peening intensity:

• Less setup time since the E-Strip® can be mounted permanently on the fixture or in a cabinet and reused hundreds of times
• Wireless data transmission to computer for rapid results even during production

• No need for graphs of arc height versus time for saturation curves, no 10% rule for intensity calculation
• The peening process is easier to understand for operators since time is not an important factor to determine intensity as per Almen strips
• E-Strip® are small and easy to handle compared to large boxes or Almen strips

• Reusable technology, one unit replaces a large number of single-use Almen strips

• Reduction in cost of shipping and cost of storage
• Reduction in ownership cost

• More data for a better understanding and control of your process including Intensity, Impact histogram, no. impacts, variation from day to day, etc.

Mechanical design of the E-Strip®

The E-Strip® has the same size as a J442 Test Strip Holder with the same five M5 screw pattern of 24mm x 40mm. It will therefore fit on most fixtures where it will be easy to remove existing test strip holders and replace them with E-Strip®.

The sensor was designed and built by Shockform exclusively for measuring the impact force of peening media.  More than 4 years of Research and Development has gone into the design of the E-Strip®.

The E-Strip® is CE certified and meets all safety and emissions requirements.

Electronic and Software design of the E-Strip®

Several E-Strip’s® can be used simultaneously. Data is sent using a protected wireless protocol and a special dongle is used to optimise communication to the computer. The E-Strip® uses a rechargeable battery that will last weeks to months depending on your usage.

A dedicated ‘Windows’ based software is available to display the calculated intensity as well as several key process parameters.  The basic version of the software displays intensity, the number of impacts and the battery life.  The advanced version of the software allows the user to see the force distribution of the different impacts in a histograms, the calculated intensity variation for the last period and an estimated coverage time based on the number of impacts.  Other advanced reporting features will be made available when development is completed.  A custom report will also be available with dedicated logo and format to suit our customer requirements.


E-Strip® Applications

Applications of the E-Strip® include but are not limited to finding the peening intensity, finding the peening saturation time, determining the peening coverage, finding the number of impacts per time period and the optimisation and control of process parameters in real time.

This is valid for peening with dry media and wet media in industries such as Aerospace, Automobile, Nuclear, Energy generation (gas and wind turbine), Industrial and more.


First published October 22, 2020