History. The Shockform Story…

The Shockform Story…

Sylvain Forgues founded Shockform Aeronautique Inc in 2006, after 15 years in the Aerospace industry. His education as a Mechanical Engineer combined with a Master’s Degree in special processes for fatigue life improvement prepared him well for a successful career. He worked at Pratt & Whitney Canada, Bombardier Aerospace, Innotech Aviation, and L-3 Communications MAS where he was Section Chef for the R&D department. His last responsibilities at L-3 MAS were the development of a portable robotic shot peening equipment for the CF-18 fighter aircraft.

During the first year, Shockform took the mandate to commercialise the Stressonic Technology for SONATS S.A., a French based company, dedicated to ultrasonic shot peening. After winning a SBIR and submitting an SAE AMEC Specification to support this new technology, Sylvain decided to grow the company by adding more products to Shockform’s product line. Electronic Inc`s (EI) Almen products and Magnavalves were added to the list as well as the InspectViewTM camera, a small boroscope for surface inspection.

At the end of this first year, Brigitte Labelle joined the company. Her background in Contracts and Major Subcontracts in the Aerospace industry, including Bell Helicopter as Subcontract Administrator and then as Senior Contract Administrator, then at Innotech Aviation and L-3 Communications MAS was a perfect addition to the company.

In 2007, they recognized the need for specialized tools that could continuously monitor and control their rotation speed during the repair of aerospace components. This led the way to the development of the FlapSpeed® Controller for flapper peening. The patented FlapSpeed® Controller is a great success among Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) facilities, Airlines and OEMs. The US Military was also an important user of the FlapSpeed® Controller.

Sylvain and Brigitte continued the development of their company by adding new products and services dedicated to innovative shot peening. They teamed up with an experienced shot peening equipment builder to offer customized equipment and added 3M products to their consumable lines along with FAA certified shot peening and roto-peening training.

Shockform is quickly becoming a leader and preferred partner in the development of specialized hand tools for the aerospace industry. This market segment offers great potential for growth as companies are faced with the massive retirement of their experienced workforce. Intelligent hand tools will complement less experienced workers and provide many benefits:

  • More quality on expensive components by continuously monitoring and adjusting key parameters of the process
  • More productivity by proposing the optimal parameters to quickly complete each job
  • More safety as the tools will remain within safe limits and automatically detect dangerous conditions and shut down.

With their team of qualified engineers and technicians, Shockform is able to deliver great insight, prototypes and products to support these initiatives.

Shockform has a winning combination of innovative products, expertise and vision for the Aerospace industry. It is set to revolutionize how power tools are used by bringing the process into the 21rst century.