Shockform specializes in innovative products and equipment
for shot peening and flapper peening

Whether you need dedicated flapper peening tools, needle peening tools or mobile peening units with vacuum, Shockform can deliver improved quality, productivity and safety to your manual peening process.

Needle Peening

Shockform has developed a new needle peening tool called the Spiker® for aero engine applications and difficult to reach areas.

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Rotary Flapper Peening

Shockform has developed the world’s only patented solution for rotary flapper peening:
The FlapSpeed® PRO.

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Inspecting the coverage of difficult to access locations has never been easier with the InspectView-2020™ Camera

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Product Development

Shockform is developing an intelligent abrasive and power tool system that will change how manual operations are performed.

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